As a long-standing finishing partner of leading fashion labels – including the sports and outdoor industry – we are familiar with high quality standards and attach great importance to perfection.

Garments produced abroad have come a long way and require efficient and professional treatment: No problem! We take care of transport-related creases and remove laying breaks or soiling – so your goods shine with the best quality for your customers!

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Quality Assurance

Clothes Clinic

Quality Assurance

As soon as you deliver new goods to us, we will produce a sample as a basis for your desired quality standard of the goods, we are also happy to organise the import of goods.

We offer you quality assurance according to DIN or customer standards and carry this out with the help of

  • Visual inspections
  • Dimension checks
  • Property tests
  • Functional tests – and, if necessary, by means of tests for harmful substances or colour fastness tests.

To ensure the highest quality standards for your textiles, we offer not only comprehensive quality control but also our textile finishing in a modern production facility:

  • Automatic steaming through the use of a professional tunnel finisher
  • Use of high-quality steam dummies and tops
  • Professional hand ironing by our experienced employees
  • Cleaning with our own laundry

Clothing Clinic

For particularly stubborn stains or production errors that have been detected in the in-house quality control, the staff of our clothing clinic are at your disposal. Thanks to the wide range of services offered by our Clothing Clinic, we can make individual manual corrections and repairs.

  • Production Repairs
  • Removal of mould
  • Odour neutralization
  • Sewing
  • Label exchange
  • Thread cutting
  • Spotting tarpaulins
  • Cleaning in various forms