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19.03.2020, Plattling, Gelsenkirchen, Aschaffenburg

  • Do you lack space?
  • Do you need a partner for eCommerce Fulfillment NOW, contract logistics or temporary storage?
  • FineCom can help with fast and reliable solutions

Are you worried about limitations in your eCommerce fulfillment or need a partner as insurance?

We can now help you with fast and uncomplicated solutions in warehousing, logistics and returns management at our three locations in Plattling, Aschaffenburg and Gelsenkirchen. Whether storage space for your goods, contract logistics solutions or integrated eCommerce fulfillment – we will keep your online trade and deliveries running!

FineCom has long been prepared for COVID-19 with preventive measures and emergency planning, more information can be found here.

Contact us and together we will quickly find the best solution for you

Head Office FineCom Plattling

Otto-Brindl-Strasse 1, D-94447 Plattling

Tel: 09931 895920

FineCom Gelsenkirchen

Pommernstrasse 19a, D-45889 Gelsenkirchen

Tel: 09931 895920

FineCom Aschaffenburg

Dammer Weg 51, D-63773 Goldbach

Tel: 09931 895920