Cooperation with Omnichannel Solution Provider ROQQIO

As a fulfillment service provider for online retailers, FineCom has digitized all processes between product arrival, quality control, garment preparation, storage, shipping and returns processing.

The same applies on the sales side for the e-commerce solution ROQQIO Commerce Cloud, which manages different sales channels and controls complex backend processes, from order management and payment to logistics. Like FineCom, the ROQQIO Group has a large and renowned customer base in the textile world.

Advancing the Digital Transformation of Retail

The software provider ROQQIO stands for solutions and concepts for the implementation of customer journeys in the omnichannel retail industry. Their portfolio includes systems for merchandise management, POS and (self-) checkout, as well as the enterprise SaaS application, ROQQIO Commerce Cloud. The combination of these stationary and online technologies enables a trouble-free omnichannel experience.

The ROQQIO Commerce Cloud ensures, for example, that the availability of goods specified in the system always corresponds to the real warehouse status and that products are ready for delivery or pickup at the store when an order is placed. Dealers can configure the routing, i.e. the shortest transport connection, for example, by assigning virtual warehouses to specific sales channels. As an alternative, the ROQQIO Commerce Cloud also uses an intelligent algorithm to select the optimal shipping location. By evaluating various attributes that are determined for each warehouse – such as address or performance – each product is sent to the customer or branch office at optimized shipping costs. “We can also make grown and outdated systems and IT infrastructures e-commerce-capable and thus implement digital state-of-the-art concepts that enable stationary trade to get involved in online trading with low investment and fast time-to-market,” says Mario Raatz, Managing Director of ROQQIO Commerce Cloud.

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