Destroy Returns? Not with FineCom

22.11.2019, Plattling, Gelsenkirchen, Aschaffenburg

  • Particularly high number of returns for clothing in online retail
  • Preparation of returns often expensive and time-consuming
  • Destruction of returns not an issue at FineCom
  • Refurbishing in the clothing clinic

The number of returns is particularly high in the clothing sector of online trade. For many retailers, the time-consuming management of returns and the preparation of the textiles mean a lot of work and associated costs. For FineCom, however, the destruction of returns was and is not currently an issue.

Why does the Destruction of Returns not play a role for FineCom?

According to the textile industry, returns from online retailers are still being destroyed. The Süddeutsche Zeitung already wrote in June that the destruction of returns is particularly high in the clothing sector, where the number of returns is generally above average. Even politicians have become active and are now planning a law that will make online mail-order companies “responsible for the care” of their customers. Alt FineCom-Finishing-eCommerce-Logistics GmbH – FineCom for short – welcomes the proposal from the politicians, as the family business has been taking responsibility for goods from well-known manufacturers for decades. As one of the leading B2B and B2C service providers, the duty of care and awareness of this is deeply rooted in the 55-year history of the company. Regardless of this, returns management and the preparation of clothing is a great challenge for online trade in today’s world.

Efficiency and Experience

FineCom has always mastered this challenge with know-how, experience, equipment and qualified employees – in its own clothing clinic. Because the cradle of the company is embedded in textiles: Franz L. Alt expanded his parents’ company from a Heilbronn dye works to a globally active specialist in textile dyeing and finishing. FineCom – now in the hands of the third generation – has been developing continuously in the areas of finishing, eCommerce and logistics ever since. FineCom is constantly refining its know-how in returns management and refurbishing, professional processing, which makes the processes highly efficient.

Clothing Clinic instead of the Bin

Not only the experience of the management – but also long-standing employees ensure that almost nothing ends up in the bin. Folds, breaks and soiling are standard tasks for the textile finishing team. If production faults or stubborn soiling are detected during the in-house quality inspection, they take the affected parts to the clothing clinic. The Clothing Clinic team knows all about repairs of all kinds and tackles damage with knowledge, needle and thread – as well as state-of-the-art equipment and special techniques. In this way, the clothing clinic quickly restores even those pieces that were thought lost to their original shine, whether it be a high-quality outdoor jacket or a luxury wool coat. And all this within an economic framework.

Why does FineCom Succeed Where many Online Retailers Fail?

Either they cannot – or they do not want to. As a family business, FineCom is particularly concerned about sustainability: “We don’t want to leave scorched earth behind, but a legacy that the next generation can build on and be proud of with a clear conscience. That’s why returns at FineCom don’t end up in the bin, but in the clothing clinic,” explains FineCom Managing Director Franz S. Alt.